Mike Gamms For NY27 Congressional Campaign Team


Rocio Velandia - Indigenous Peoples' Policy Advisor

Rara Imler - Sex Work Policy Advisor

New York 27 Green Party Congressional Nominee, MIKE GAMMS, has
officially added RARA IMLER (Executive Officer At-Large of Metro Atlanta Democratic
Socialists of America) to his Congressional Campaign Staff, filing the role of Sex Work
Policy Advisor . Mike Gamms had the following to say:

“ I first got to know Rara through environmental and indigenous rights advocacy. Her
input, insight, and contributions are invaluable to the radical anticapitalist revolution. I
am beyond excited and grateful she is my campaign’s official Sex Work Policy Advisor.”

In addition to her new role as Sex Work Policy Advisor with the Gamms For NY 27
Congressional Campaign , and her role as Executive Officer At-Large of Metro Atlanta
DSA, RARA IMLER , born and raised on Guam, is also a successful stand up comedian,
actor and sex worker. About her new role with Gamms for NY 27 , Imler added:

“I am thrilled to be working with Mike Gamms on his congressional campaign. He’s
been a passionate and steadfast advocate for sex workers for years and is exactly the
candidate we need in office to make critical gains for my industry. Mike understands that
sex workers are workers who deserve to be treated with dignity and equality under the

As a policy advisor I will work with Mike to repeal SESTA/FOSTA, push for full
decriminalization of sex work, and coordinate with grassroots organizations and activists
who have been on the front lines of these battles to ensure our policy goals are aligned
with the community we seek to represent.”

Kira Young - Ecological Emergency Policy Advisor

Wade Vanvalkenburgh - Niagara County Outreach Coordinator

New York 27 April 28th Special Election Green Party Congressional
Nominee, MIKE GAMMS, has officially added 2018 Lockport Mayoral Candidate
WADE VANVALKENBURGH (G-NY27) to his Congressional Campaign Staff, filing the
role of Niagara County Outreach Coordinator . Mike Gamms had the following to say:

“I am beyond excited to have Wade Vanvalkenburgh on board as my campaign’s official
Niagara County Outreach Coordinator. What Wade was able to do not only with his
mayoral campaign, which fought its way into the debate and brought in hundreds of new
voters to polls in Lockport, Niagara County, NY District 27, but with his life, overcoming
several hardships, having been homeless at one point and later a successful
aggressively Green left community advocate and political candidate, is fantastic.”

Wade spent much of his career running VanValkenburgh Marketing Group, which
helped promote renewable energy providers throughout New York State.
VanValkenburgh has served on the board of directors of Lockport Wildcats and worked
as a supervisor at Lockport CARES' emergency homeless shelter, trying to find housing
for those in poverty. About his new role with Gamms for NY27, Wade added:

“Working with Green Candidates is always such a rewarding experience, The Green
Party is a genuine political voice that can no longer be considered the alternative vote
so we must educate voters on how we are the Imperative vote. Together we can
change the course of our state to create a better future for ourselves and for
generations to follow. Working with Mike Gamms for NY’s 27th Congressional District,
we will make sure that we unite and build the Green Party.”

Danielle Fielding - Campaign Coordinator

Bio coming soon.

Peter Watson - Social Media Coordinator

Bio coming Soon.

Rosemary Callahan - Mental Health, Illness, & Addiction Policy Advisor press release about naming Rosemary Callahan policy advisor for mental health, illness, & addiction

Duane Wilt - Juggalo Outreach Coordinator

Bio of Duane Wilt

Avante Guard - Queer-at-Large

Bio coming soon.

Shannelle Jones - Fuck The Police Policy Advisor

(Also known as Community Reinvestment and Wellness Policy Advisor)

Shannelle Jones Press Release

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