Indigenous Peoples Policy

Advisor for Indigenous Peoples Policy
for Mike Gamms
"In view that since the beginning of all time, humanity existed with the natural world in profound balance until the invasion of the continent now known as "America" by Palefaced Humanoids we hereby urge the following:
Indigenous Peoples are the natural healers of the relation between humanity and nature.  Indigenous Peoples Traditional Knowledge is at the center of the present War for Life, yet we are also systematically and historically excluded  and silenced from all decision making processes taking place both at the national and international levels. None of our rights are pertinent for as long as our PARTICIPATION is non existent at decision making levels.
Therefore we urge, that the United States as a minimum reserves "Indigenous Representation" at the Highest Level of Government by appointing 7 seats deemed PERMANENT AND NON NEGOTIABLE FOR AS LONG AS THE UNITED STATES REMAINS IN EXISTENCE or AS LONG AS THE GRASS GROWS.
Elections for these representatives are to be held in a process of internal regional and national consultations within Indigenous Nations of the United States territory.  
Furthermore, Indigenous Peoples of the United States are to be awarded custody of the territory known as Hart Island, New York where millions of people have been buried in mass graves for hundreds of years.  Most recently the people who died of Corona Virus and who received no proper burial ceremonies.
This Island of Death needs to be healed and removed from the Department Of Corrections to the Department of Parks, and be made into a landmark similar to that of 911 with Indigenous Peoples at the center of the planning and development which is to include gardens, waterfalls and ceremonies that can bring Peace and Dignity for all of Humanity affected by this Pandemic.
Light in our path.
Rocio Velandia 
Advisor for Indigenous Peoples Policy
for Mike Gamms"

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