Fuck The Police

Fuck The Policy Policy Advisor, Shanelle Jones
Further Statement from Fuck The Policy Policy Advisor, Shanelle Jones.

"Defunding the police is not enough. The "defunding" we've seen in major cities across the country, Los Angeles, CA for example, is dismal. What is a 1-5% decrease in funding when operating with a multi-million dollar budget?

The police stick true to their roots. Slave catchers turn police with methods remaining the same. Abusing dogs and calling them "police" trained to maul and kill marginalized and oppressed peoples.

We must only accept the complete abolition of police as an entity. This social experiment has run it's course. Too many brown and black people have endured endless suffering at the hands of the State. A $1,000,000 cut in a police budget does nothing to address a system that allows everyday citizens (mostly white men) to only receive on average 21 hours of police "training" before policing people that look nothing like them. Walking around neighborhoods with hands on their gun, anticipating violence. And when there is none, they instigate it anyway.

The police are a terrorist organization. They are actively committing war crimes. The world is looking at America with revulsion, shock, and pain. Our comrades across the globe are coming together to demonstrate for black and brown lives.

We can do better. There is a better way. We just have not been afforded the opportunity to try it.

We will no longer tolerate a racist, fascist police state that exists purely to protect private property; supply for-profit prisons with slave labor; and subjugate anyone who is not a white, cisgender man.

We also can no longer allow police in our schools. They exist only to further the school-to-prison pipeline. Instead of welcoming police onto campuses to deal with issues like school yard fights or cannabis on school grounds, etc.- those should be handled by school officials, empowered by community led training. In defunding the police, their former budget should fund further de-escalation training for school officials and go towards hiring more on campus counselors and therapists.

Speaking of class traitors
Millions of homes sit empty across this country. Local governments provide many excuses for why this is acceptable when people are living on the streets; large families are stuffed into studio apartments; and people are forced to live in their vehicles, only to be punished for that necessity of survival.

The landlord class is protected by the police. As we know, the police prioritizes "protecting private property" before human life. Landlords use the police as a weapon to force violent evictions on majority brown and black people, and poor families of all colors.

Evictions are a form of violence. Forcing families on the street because the forces of capitalism work us to death while paying us little, and rent only increases, it is pure greed that motivates landlords. To empower them with the police force directly contributes to higher incarceration rates, increased homeless population, and poverty rates.

We must use police funds to reinvest in housing the community. In a country of so much wealth, we should not have people living on a bus bench across the street from an empty, suburban home.
Housing is a human right. We also demand that evictions are cancelled, especially in the wake of COVID-19. We also demand that back rent be cancelled. It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect tenants to pay multiple months of rent upfront to evade eviction."

Furthermore, we fully support the demands of Black Lives Matter Rochester and consulted with Free the People ROC to adapt the below list of demands for a federal level:

Drop all charges brought against protestors.

Divest from police and invest in our communities. Resources - not police and prisons - are what sustain public safety.
Pay reparations to families and individuals impacted by police brutality.
End mass incarceration by supporting community-based alternatives to incarceration and restorative justice.

Schools must sever ties with police.
Putting the funds toward programs that actually serve our students.

Politicians should serve the people, not the police. Taking money from the police lobby makes you complicit and part of the problem.
Elected officials and candidates should donate any and all contributions from law enforcement PACS, donating all money from the police lobby to local bail funds!

An end to the mass surveillance of our communities, and the use of technologies that criminalize and target our communities (including IMSI catchers, drones, and predictive policing software).
End all forms of authoritarian practices like military intervention, expansion of executive privileges, and curfews. The people have a right to demonstrate and protest in the streets, without being escalated by shows of military force.

Police disciplinary records should be made public to protect members of our community from dangerous officers who have a history of misconduct and violence.  (Achieved June 12, 2020)

Housing is a human right.
Cancel back rent and prohibit evictions.
Reinvest funds from police to make safe housing a reality for ALL!
Furthermore, in collaboration with our campaign's Policy Advisor for Indigenous Peoples, Rocio Velandia, we have added the following additional demands:
Abolish ICE, and furthermore abolish the DHS.
Close the concentration camps, free the children and all detainees and unite the families
Consider those responsible and culpable for these atrocities war criminals.
Abolish the BIA police, the federal agents who have been terrorizing and murdering indigenous communities.
We demand Justice for Ryan Gipp, George Floyd and those all murdered by police, and their murderers help responsible.

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