Ecological Emergency

Ecological Emergency Policy Advisor

Kira Young

The most pressing emergencies in America are poverty, lack of free patient outcome driven healthcare, crumbling infrastructure, ecocide for profit, Police violence and lack of personal sovereignty and autonomy and an the endless war machine that murders its way across the globe for profit. The endless, corporate, war machine currently uses the vast majority of American resources to keep it churning and keep the elite in control.

Our infrastructure crumbles because all of the federal revenue is earmarked for war and corporate bailouts for industries, like gas and oil, that could not survive in an actual free market economy. Our infrastructure crumbles while unsustainable, bailed out corporations build fracked gas pipelines for export through the most sensitive ecological areas of the poorest communities in America. Ecocide remains highly profitable despite the fact that the industries who commit such violence are not the slightest bit profitable, if not for the huge subsidies they rake in while destroying life, poisoning water and stealing land and resources. Shocking that this is all legal our our resistance to it is being outlawed, state by state as well as at the federal level.

Industries that are responsible for our current ecological crisis enjoy all of the rights of individuals and none of the responsibilities while individuals suffer all the consequences and responsibilities caused by industries and none of the individual rights supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution as well as given by Divine right.

Capitalism, the biggest, generational, pyramid scheme ever played on humanity, guarantees a hand full of people reap the benefits and rewards of humanity’s efforts to survive. It even demands that we take responsibility for the very system that oppresses us. It demands we believe that our oppression is the result of human nature, yet we know it to be pathological.

Neither the right or left has anything sensible to say about personal sovereignty and autonomy. Year after year, fascist, corporate dictators scare us into giving up what meager rights we have left, while the elite continue to cash and resource grab everything up for themselves while brainwashing humanity to believe in the fictions of scarcity and overpopulation. How many unhorsed people does it take to Make a billionaire?

Poverty is violence and an unacceptable state, in which, to live. The biggest lie we are taught is that the blame for poverty belongs with the poor. If the poor only worked harder and took less drugs, they would see their wealth increase. The destruction of the middle class over the last 40 years has lifted the veil on that lie. As more and more people begin to notice that there are only 2 classes left in America: rich and poor. We seek to change that through support of food sovereignty and energy sovereignty programs. We support all efforts to put the fruits of labor into the hands of those who have labored for it. We support bartering and exchange of goods and services whenever possible. We support Mutual aid programs and housing programs that value the human right to be housed. We support programs that seek to provide free Good patient outcome driven healthcare, including addiction programs that do not involve law enforcement. We support communities providing their own security and anti-theft programs.

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